t h e   d e s i g n e r


an artist who conceives of and constructs her own work from beginning to end--spinning her wool and crocheting with special needles carved by her father--mischa creates unique and intriguing hats, scarves, and other pieces that combine classical luxury with contemporary style. 

born in holland and raised in the countryside, mischa began creating and designing at an early age. her early inspirations stemming from the avant garde fashion designs of the early 1990s and the formally structured haircuts of vidal sassoon. 

in an effort to disguise a bad haircut of her own, she fashioned a hat out of packaging string while attending st. martins school in london. launching out on her own into the portobello market, mischa was soon discovered by several loyal clients. the requests by renowned fashion retailers such as josephs, harvey nichols, colette followed.

a lover of all things aesthetic and an avid traveler, mischa draws inspiration from near and far. from the ground breaking deconstruction of martin margiela, to the beaches of tulum, to the streets of soho in new york, where she has lived for the past twenty years, her designs are both personal and universal.