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Mischa Lampert Hats | Luxurious Accessories for Women

Using only needles and a spinning wheel, Micha Lampert hats are genuine works of art. Each hat is made from handspun merino wool and genuine fur from Finland.

beanie melange

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mediummelange_97 copy.jpg
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beanie melange

from 240.00

design | three complimentary wool colors in various length pieces are hand spun together to create our beanie melange. when finished the pattern created is a unique and subtle camouflage-like design.

size | regular - 22.5" - deep - 23.5"

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we only use the finest 100% merino wool from new zealand. our super soft premium wool is carded and dyed, then sent to our nyc studio where it is hand spun by one of our skilled artisans.


all of our fur is ethically sourced from finland and hand sewn in nyc. (note: our beanie poms are removable, simply untie from the inside of the hat or email us for further assistance)

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